Division of Industry and Public Service

Division of Industry and Public Service

The Division of Industry and Public Service currently has 25 programs that allow students to earn an Associate’s Degree, certificate, marketable skills award or licensing. Currently, the division is made up of three departments:

1. The Department of Architecture, Aviation and Automotive (361) 698-1725

2. The Department of Industrial Technology (361) 698-1701

3. The Department of Public Service (361) 698-1724

Each of these departments have programs following a pathway that enable students to navigate their educational experience at Del Mar College with several options that culminate in a degree, certificate or license. The training is both challenging and rewarding and set at or above the industry standards. The end result is a highly skilled candidate with recognized credentials and training allowing them to enter the workforce or transfer to a 4-year university upon completion.

Courses are offered in a variety of modalities making classes and training more accessible. This includes offerings during the day or night, on-line or even hybrid formats and weekends. The classrooms and labs are similar to real world environments and the students follow industry standards with regard to safety protocols, attendance and professionalism. Many of our students are already in the workforce and come to our programs to further their education, promote within their organization or improve their marketability.

Our programs are taught by instructors that have extensive work histories and education and understand the importance of both in today’s workforce. Many of the instructors still hold licensure or certifications and continue as practitioners in their respective disciplines including architecture, welding, law enforcement, occupational safety, firefighting and EMS.

If you are seeking a challenging career or want to increase your earning potential, change careers or complete a degree and transfer to a four year university you will be prepared after attending Del Mar College. Students that choose Del Mar College will receive quality instruction, from experienced instructors, in state of the art classrooms and labs with affordable tuition. Take that first step on a career path by contacting Del Mar College and the Division of Industry and Public Service.

Page last updated April 26, 2021.

Contact Information

Division of Industry and Public Service
Emerging Technology Building
ET 139, Windward Campus
4101 Old Brownsville Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78405
(361) 698-1702