Theory Placement Exam

Theory Placement Exam


  1. To take the Theory Placement Exam, you will need to use either web browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Links to download either browser are provided below. If you already have these browsers installed, please skip to step 2.
    Install Google Chrome
    Install Firefox
  2. Go to Canvas course.
  3. Click “join the course.” Follow the instructions provided.
  4. Once you have joined the course, click on the “enroll” button to gain access to the course.
  5. Click on “quizzes” to take the Theory Placement Exam.

If you score 18 points or higher on the exam, you have the option to register for the Level 1 courses for Piano (MUSI 1181), Theory (MUSI 1311), and Sight-Singing Ear-Training (MUSI 1116). Email for help enrolling into these classes.

If you score 17 points or below, you will need to register for the foundational courses: Music Fundamentals (MUSI 1303) and Class Voice (MUSI 1183). Elective Piano (MUAP 1169 and MUAP 1170) is also sometimes advisable. You may self-enroll into these classes on WebDMC.

Placement Exam Study Guide

The Theory Placement Exam is not a measure of your innate musical talents, skills, or study habits. Every student has different degrees of musical experience and this exam intends to place students in classes that will ultimately lead to their successful development as a musician and student, regardless of past music education and experience.

The exam will assess some, if not all of the following content:

  • Note Reading (Treble and Bass clefs)
  • Rhythmic Values
  • Notating major and minor scales
  • Identify major and minor scales in a musical excerpt
  • Notate and identify key signatures (major and minor)
  • Notate intervals above and below a given pitch
  • Interval Identification

As new students, you should consult with an academic advisor. Your advisor is the faculty member who teaches your primary instrument. If you don’t have or are unsure about your primary instrument, you can contact any music faculty member for advising. In addition, you can contact the Music Department’s secretary, Yvonne Rodriguez at or 361-698-1211.

If you have further questions about the exam, please contact your major advisor or Dr. Roger W. Petersen at

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