Contractor Resource Center

One-on-one advising to businesses to prepare and connect area small businesses with large, multi-year projects, which will assist local businesses expand their capabilities to compete in the commercial arena for current and future projects.  Challenging areas of assistance include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. Quality Management System
  2. Standards / Certifications
  3. Health and Safety Education
  4. Insurance/Bonding
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Financial Management
  7. Contractor Qualifications/Scopes of Work
  8. Marketing to Industry
  9. Guidance on Joint Ventures

Training seminars that meet the needs of businesses in commercial contracting areas. 

Developing and maintaining a “Contractor Readiness List” which will be made available to the CCREDC upon request to share with large industry partners.

Access to Plan Room with bids and specs for many local commercial contracts.

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Services are at No Cost