• Student Engagement and Retention

    The Division departments encourage, support and complement student learning by providing quality services and programs that enrich students’ academic, social, cultural, ethical, and intellectual growth. This is accomplished by assisting students with making intentional decisions about their involvement both in, and, out of the classroom for a more meaningful college experience.

    Services include co-curricular engagement, retention programs, transition resources, veterans services, academic support programs, code of conduct administration and student complaint/appeal facilitation.

    Collaborating with faculty, staff and all other college services, the division provides assistance to any student to identify options and resources to find a solution to their concern and answer any questions. Learning, personal development, persistence, student satisfaction and completion of goals are the primary focus.

    The mission of the Student Engagement and Retention (SER) division is to assist all students to ensure a positive academic and social experience by providing information, support, and guidance to enhance student learning.

    SER Division Values 

    • Dedication- Committed to supporting and guiding students
    • Integrity- Act according to what is right and wrong
    • Respect- Honor and show consideration of others
    • Teamwork- Work in harmony with others 

      Faculty and Staff Resources for Managing Student Behavior  


    Jo Dee Garcia, Administrative Assistant II

    Cheryl Garner, Dean of Student Engagement & Retention

    Diana Ortega-Feerick, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Retention

    Lisa Leal-Garcia, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Retention

    Harvin Center, Room 204
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404-3897