• Career Links

    Whether you are a new, current or past student, we have what you need to help you land that job. 

    Are you looking for part-time work to help pay for school or full-time work because you have just graduated? Whatever the case, we are here to help.

    If you haven’t decided on a career path, the best place to start is our Counseling Center. Trained experts know how to help you find a career that will fit you. Our Career Resource Library is located here as well so that you can learn about various careers.

    Are you ready to look for employment? The first step is to develop your resume. The folks at the Stone Writing Center are there to help you.


    For students: If you are seeking part or full time off campus employment, please visit the DMC Student Job Bank-For Students for current job postings.

    For employers: If you would like to post a position, please visit the DMC Student Job Bank- For Employers for instructions on creating a profile and posting your position. 

    For all other inquiries, questions or comments, please contact  Joe Hayen at 361-698-1329 or email to jhayen@delmar.edu for additional assistance. 

    To get an on-campus job in conjunction with Financial Aid, please contact that office at (361) 698-1293. The DMC Student Job Bank is a free job posting service available to you 24 hours a day. You can review these employment opportunities by following instructions provided on the DMC Student Job Bank site. 

    The Del Mar College Small Business Internship Program is an opportunity for small businesses in Corpus Christi to grow with the assistance of highly-trained intern students to meet their specific business’ needs. It is a partnership with small business employers who can offer intern students productive and meaningful work assignments with a learning component related to their major. Please contact The Office of Student Leadership & Campus Life Blanca Canales at 361-698-1281 or e-mail bcanales2@delmar.edu.

    Career Resource Center (CRC)
    The Title V Grant sponsored Career Resource Center (CRC) is located in the Harvin Center Room 127 on the east campus. Students can gain a wealth of information from the resources and workshops provided by the center. The CRC offers workshops in areas of career exploration, resume building, dining etiquette, social media etiquette and also career fairs each semester.

    Are you unsure of which major to choose? Do you need a change of occupation? The Career Resource Center offers a great career exploration tool in Focus 2. This program allows students to take several career assessments to understand what field they may be best suited for and then allows them to create a formal plan for how to achieve that dream job!

    For more information check out the Career Resource Center Facebook and Pinterest pages or contact Johanna Torres, Grant Activities Coordinator at 361-698-2467 or jtorres110@delmar.edu.

    Focus 2 Link: www.focuscareer2.com/portal/login.cfm?SID=1207   

    To create a user name follow this link and select the new user tab. You will be prompted to enter your student information and the Del Mar College Access Code. All DMC students will use “Vikings” for the access code. Once you create your account you will be able to use the career assessments and planning tools.

    Viking Career Network

    The Viking Career Network is a great tool for anyone using the Career Links page and would help in having all of our “career” information together.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/DMCCareerResourceCenter  

    Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/DMCCRC/