• About Us and Our Services

    Retention Case Managers employ an array of services targeting the quality of student life and learning that promote student persistence.  Case Managers utilize Appreciative Advising theory as a foundation for their interaction and approach to each student. 

    Best-practice early alert warning systems and recovery programs drive intervention programs that promote student persistence.  Design models incorporate multi-tiered models of support which involve progress monitoring and follow-up.

    Ways We Connect With Students:  retention_services_graphic 

    • Student Self-Referrals                                                  
    • Faculty Retention Alert Program (RAP)
    • Academic Recovery Program (ARP)
    Student Self-Referrals

    Case Managers strive to maintain an open-door policy for students having difficulty in balancing life’s priorities with the demands of attending college.  Students experiencing situations that may be impeding their academic success are encouraged to contact the Office of Retention Services at 361-698-1948 to schedule an appointment with a Retention Case Manager.

    Faculty Retention Alert Program (RAP)

    Faculty utilize this early alert warning system to alert Case Managers about students who are experiencing situations that are negatively impacting their academic success.  Case Managers take a holistic approach in assessing the needs of students and assist by working with each student to develop an individualized plan that promotes their success.  To refer a student using RAP, simply:

    • Log into WebDMC.
    • Under “My Bridge” click on faculty Information, then click on Contribute Retention Information.
    • Type in the Student’s ID number.
    • Complete the required sections.
    • Click Submit
    Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

    ARP is designed to help students recover from academic probation or suspension, and get back in “Good Scholastic Standing” with the College.  Case Managers work closely with students who have GPAs below 2.0 to raise their GPA and promote student persistence.


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