• Student Success Center

    01  DMC Tutoring Support Services
          Bob Klepac Tutor Support Services Coordinator

    02  Student Success Workshops
          Eva De La Garza SSC Coordinator

    03  SSC Calendar
          Check for Workshops and Room Availability

    04  SSC Reservation Form
          Submit your Reservation

    05   Technology Resources Center
          Checkout a Laptop or Calculator 

    06  Hours of Operations
          Mon - Thurs 8 AM - 5 PM, Fri 8 Am - 12:30 PM
     Call - 361-698-2265

    The student Success Center facilitates student retention and success by providing Peer-Tutoring, Student Success Workshops, Supplemental Instruction, Technology Resource Center, Laptop/Calculator Checkout to students, Individual and Group Study Areas, Referrals and other Components

    The Student Success Center includes many resources that can help you academically. Resources such as Tutor Support Services, TRiO Services, Supplemental Instruction, Technology Resource Center, and SER Workshops. 2014 Summer Sessions are here, now is the time to come seek Tutoring and Workshop that will help you with your studies.