How to Transfer Out

How to Transfer Out

Transfer Steps

The Transfer Process

  1. Apply to Del Mar College
  2. Meet with a Del Mar College advisor and plan your guided path.
  3. Finish your Del Mar College Associate Degree
  4. Apply to and complete the admissions process for your chosen four-year university
  5. Finish your Bachelor’s Degree

Create a Transfer Plan

You don't have to wait to graduate from Del Mar College before you plan your transfer. In fact, you shouldn't!

Create your transfer plan using the transfer checklist and transfer your Del Mar College associate degree to a university bachelor's degree. This will ensure that when you graduate from Del Mar College you are ready with the correct courses you need for transfer, have all paperwork ready and completed, and can start taking your bachelor's degree courses with no delay after graduation. Below are the suggested major steps involved in making a transfer plan and when you should have them completed.

Time Frame (prior to graduation) Approximate DMC credit hours completed Major Steps to Complete
12-14 months 15-30 credit hours Determine where you plan to transfer and what bachelor's degree you want to obtain.
12 months 31-45 credit hours Meet with your Del Mar College advisor on your academic evaluation ensuring you are taking the correct courses needed for transfer.
6 months 46-60 credit hours Meet with your Del Mar College advisor and your four-year university transfer advisor to complete any requirements left for graduating DMC and submitting your application and financial aid paperwork for your transfer college.

Transfer checklist

Reverse transfer

Questions to Ask Advisors

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