The Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE) is a statewide professional organization committed to the improvement of educational and employment opportunities for Hispanics in higher education. While TACHE is designed with Hispanics in mind, it does not discriminate and happily embraces all cultures and ethnicities into its membership. 

Founded in 1974 and chartered as a nonprofit educational support organization under the laws of the state of Texas in 1975, TACHE supports fellowship and scholarship awards and other educational activities. The organization currently is composed of five regional chapters that support and further the goals of the state organization. TACHE Del Mar, originally formed in the 1970s, is one of these regional chapters. After a period of inactivity, the Del Mar College chapter experienced a resurgence in 1994. The interest among College employees to join this organization has increased each year since then. 

TACHE Del Mar thrives on a colorful array of purposes. The principal purpose of the organization is to provide a few scholarships each year to deserving students, and members continue to augment the number and the amounts of these scholarships. As concerned employees, members also take an interest in the structures, policies, procedures, and general tenor of the College, so appropriate actions and civilized resolutions are a part of the organization's work.

As citizens, members take an interest in the political and economic aspects of the College, the region, and the state, so we host political forums and stay in contact with area leaders and state legislators. As educators, we support cultural activities such as those during Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. As social human beings, TACHE members also like to have fun in the company of like-minded associates, so dinners, socials, dances, and celebrations of all types are some of the cultural activities members value, especially around holidays. TACHE Del Mar members work hard, think boldly, behave in civilized ways, value justice, insist on fairness, eat with gusto - and laugh a lot.

Page last updated February 7, 2024.


Angelica Gomez, President
(361) 698-2323

Deborah Sanchez, Vice President
(361) 698-1096

Newman Wong, Treasurer 
(361) 698-1551

Anita Rosales, Secretary
(361) 698-1221

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For General Information
Email: tache@delmar.edu