Assessment Requirements

Assessment Requirements

Del Mar College uses assessment scores to help you choose the best courses to reach your goals based on your current level of reading, writing and math. If your assessment scores indicate that you need special help before enrolling in classes that require specific levels of reading, English or math skills, developmental courses will be required.

Your advisor can explain this further. Del Mar College requires placement of all students before they can register.

See the Assessment Exemptions section below for further information.

Assessment Levels

Reading (R), English (E) and Mathematics (M) levels are assigned for most courses in the credit division. These levels are used for placement in courses. Students must meet the assessment levels shown for each course either by placement testing or by previous course work.

ACT and SAT scores may not be more than five years old. TAKS scores may not be more than three years old.

*If no reading, writing or math assessment level is provided in the catalog for a given course, it is level 1 for that area.

Please refer to the Assessment Levels chart below to see how scores are used.

TSI Assessment Testing Information


TSIA2 Administered on or after January 11, 2021
Reading & English (ELAR) Math
Essay 5-8, 945+; OR <945 & Diag >=5 & Essay >=5 950+; OR <950 & Diag 6

TSI Administered prior to January 11, 2021
Reading English Math
351+ Essay 4 & 340+ or Essay 5 & ABE Diag 4+ 350+

*Diag = College Readiness Diagnostic Test Score

TSI Assessment Exemptions

The following may be used to exempt you from one or more parts of the TSI Assessment.

Test Reading & English Exemption Math Exemption
ACT taken within 5 years from the test date Composite 23+ and English 19+ Composite 23+ and Mathematics 19+
SAT (March 2016 or later) taken within 5 years from the test date Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) 480+ Math 530+
STAAR (EOC) for Graduates CLevel 2 ENGL 3 4000+ Level 2 Algebra 2 4000+
GED (effective May 12, 2021) taken within 5 years from testing date Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) 165+ Mathematical Reasoning 165+
HISET (effective May 12, 2021) taken within 5 years from testing date Reading 15+ and Writing 15+ and Essay 4+ Mathematics 15+

Other TSI Exemptions/Waivers

Military -  Veterans or active duty for 3+ years may qualify for a TSI exemption or waiver. Please contact Veteran's Services for more information on eligibility by calling 361-698-1250 or emailing

Earned Degrees -  A student who has graduated with an Associate's or Baccalaureate degree from a regionaly accredited institution of higher learning.

Previous Coursework - Students transferring from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning who have taken acceptable college level coursework may be exempt from TIS in one or more subject areas. This will be determined when the transcripts are received by DMC.

Level 1 Certificate Waiver - Students who enroll in a level 1 certificate program will be waived from the TSI requirement. TSI requirements apply if you change to a level 2 or degree program.

College Preparatory Course (CPC) Waiver -  Students who successfully completed a college preparatory course (CPC) as allowed by Texas Education Agency are waived for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of high school graduation with respect to the content area of the course. For more information on eligibility, please contact the Admissions Office by calling 361-698-1290 or emailing

For more exemptions, visit our Catalog.

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