2023-2024 Manual of Policies and Procedures

2023-2024 Manual of Policies and Procedures


The Del Mar College Manual of Policies and Procedures presents faculty and staff with the latest rules, regulations, policies, practices, and procedures through which the College functions as an institution. The Manual also seeks to make manifest the rights and prerogatives, as well as the duties and responsibilities, of College personnel.

The Board of Regents has the responsibility of approving formal policies. The administration is directed to develop policies and procedures to implement these Board-approved policies. Administrative procedures sections begin with an "A" and have  red headings, while Board-approved policy sections begin with a "B" and have  blue headings. The former may be altered as needed by the administration with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Specific dates and calendar information requiring regular updating will not be considered policy per se.

Faculty committees are advisory in nature rather than administrative. Nevertheless, in a collegial atmosphere the deliberations of such committees are vitally important and often result in approved procedural changes that reflect the collective understanding of their members. Individually or collectively, faculty and staff are invited to submit recommendations for improvements in the Manual to the CEO or the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) or the Chief Risk Management Officer (CRMO).

The Manual does not represent a contract between Del Mar College (the Del Mar College District) and any employee, student, or other person. Instead the Manual, along with the Catalog and other published works, constitutes a good-faith effort to outline normal policies, including rules, regulations, procedures, and customary practices currently in force at Del Mar College.

This Manual is published electronically so that it may be kept current.  Recent policy changes are indicated in Bold text.

Page last updated February 22, 2024.