Small Business Internship Program

Small Business Internship Program

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Supporting Small Businesses in Corpus Christi

Small Business Internship Program logoThe Del Mar College Small Business Internship Program (SBIP) is a partnership between the City of Corpus Christi and Del Mar College. The SBIP provides an opportunity for small businesses in Corpus Christi to grow with the assistance of trained and motivated Del Mar College students who meet their specific business needs.

The SBIP partners with small business employers who can offer students productive and meaningful work assignments at a living wage and with a learning component related to the student’s field of study. The primary goal of the SBIP is to provide support to small businesses in Corpus Christi to encourage business growth, job retention, economic development and job creation.


For Students

There are numerous benefits for the student who partners with the Del Mar SBIP.  Benefits include:

  • Receive a real-world experience at a living wage (minimum $14.50/hr up to 19 hrs/week)
  • Gain experience in your field of study
  • Create a professional network
  • Build a strong resume
  • Secure references and recommendations for future employment
  • Potential for full-time employment following graduation


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For Small Businesses

There are numerous benefits for the small business who partners with the Del Mar SBIP.  Benefits include:

  • Recruit quality students and develop a talent pipeline for permanent employees if desired
  • Incorporate advanced industry trends
  • Enjoy reduced costs associated with recruiting and training potential permanent employees
  • Increase work production
  • Take advantage of wage incentive ($7.25/hour up to 19 hours a week) to hire ambitious, college trained, students
  • Develop close business partnerships with Del Mar College


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