Shelly Ortiz standing with her eighteen wheeler trucks

I am a disabled veteran, a female, and older than most students. I obtained my CDL at the age of 41 and it became my fourth official career. Before I started with Del Mar, I knew the basics on driving a stick shift, so I thought I was set. It helped, but I wasn’t prepared, but that’s when the instructors stepped in. The course of instruction at Del Mar readied me for one of the most challenging, but meaningful careers of my life. I have been to war, been a medic, and a cop. But I wouldn’t trade my CDL for anything. I have been driving my own 18 wheeler now since 2017 and I have never regretted my training. If you are considering a career as a professional driver, and you are a woman, don’t be dissuaded because of your stature. I drive in heels and women can literally do anything. I can back this truck up with the best of them and I drive like a beast. And I have Del Mar College Transportation Training Services to thank for my foundation.


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