•  TSI (Texas Success Initiative)


    What is the new TSI Assessment? 

    Beginning August 26, 2013 all new students will be required to take the new Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment.  The purpose of the new examination is to assess a student’s academic ability in order to correctly identify the correct course sequence for new students.  The TSI Assessment will determine your preparation level for the subjects of reading, writing, and math. 

    How much is the TSI? The cost is $29 for first time testers and $16 for re-testers

    When should I go and pay for my test? You will need to present your Verification form to the Testing Center at 3013 Ayers and pay for the exam. Exams need to be prepaid prior to the test day.

    How do I prepare for the TSI? 

    If it is determined that you need to take a placement test, you will be required to complete a Pre-Assessment Activity before signing up to take the test.  

    DMC strongly encourages you to thoroughly prepare for the test prior to taking it. Results of this test will determine whether you need multiple levels of developmental writing, reading, and/math, a single level, or if you are college level.

    Steps to completing the PAA and taking the new TSI Assessment 

    1.  Once students have completed the Practice Assessments they will print a certificate indicating they have completed the PAA after all four components have been reviewed.

    2.  Once the certificate has been printed you may visit the DMC testing office to sign-up for the TSI assessment.

    How do I know if I need to complete the TSI Assessment? 

    Not all new students are required to complete the TSI Assessment.  Several exemptions are available to students who meet certain criteria.  Exemptions for students usually fall into one of the following categories:

    • Score exempt (meet score requirements on external assessments such as the ACT, SAT, TAKS, or STAAR)
    • Degree exempt (previously completed a qualifying associates or bachelor’s degree)
    • Transfer exempt (transferring into Del Mar College having already satisfying TSI requirements)
    • Veteran exempt (honorably discharged from the United States military and can provide an official DD214)
    • Certificate Level I Exempt (enrolling into a short-term program known as a Level 1 certificate) 

    Why is this important? 

    The PAA is important because it helps students understand the importance of the TSI assessment in determining the correct courses to take which will ultimately lead to student success. Additionally it provides feedback on where students can improve with respect to reading, writing and math.  It also provides information on the college and community resources to help students be more successful.

    The new TSI assessment is better aligned to what’s being taught in schools currently and helps to establish statewide guidelines for advising students into college level classes and allows colleges and universities to better tailor advising to individual student needs.

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    Click here to begin your Pre-Assessment Activity.