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What is erefunds?

Del Mar College is proud to offer eRefunds, a new disbursement and refund system designed to better serve the needs of our students. The eRefunds system is offered through TouchNet, and is integrated into the online WebDMC system. eRefunds replaced BankMobile, the system previously used by the College.

eRefunds is a service that Del Mar College has partnered with to process and distribute refunds and disbursements to students. This includes financial aid disbursements, refunds, grants and any other payments students may be owed.  

With eRefunds, you can choose direct deposit into an existing checking or savings account or a paper check mailed to the address Del Mar College has on file for the student.  Direct deposit is the quickest and most secure method for issuing and receiving refunds, however if you do not make a refund selection, we will mail you a check to the address we have on file for you.  The choice is yours!

Once again, you will need to choose from these two refund options:

  1. Direct deposit to existing savings or checking account
  2. Paper check mailed to address Del Mar College has on file for the student.

When and where can I select a refund method?

The refund selection process will be on the opening page of the VikingPay screen when students log in.  The students will be prompted to make a refund selection.  This message will continue to appear every time the student logs in, until they have made a selection.  Students will also get email reminders to make a refund selection until they do so.

What if I have more questions?

About REFUNDS: Contact the Business Office at (361) 698-1050.

About FINANCIAL AID: Contact the Financial Aid Office at (361) 698-1293 East Campus, (361) 698-1726 West Campus.

About ENROLLMENT and REGISTRATION: Contact the Student Enrollment Center at (361) 698-1290 or

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