Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Associate of Arts Degrees, Associate of Arts in Teaching

Available at: Heritage Campus

An artist is adding up some finishing touches on her sculpture.

Program Overview

This curriculum is recommended for students who plan to work toward the traditional Bachelor of Arts degree or the professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It is also recommended for students who are undecided about majoring in art, but who would like to explore their artistic abilities.

Through a fine arts program structured on the fundamentals, the program is committed to a sound visual arts education. Its concern for the development of aesthetic awareness and intellectual capacity will provide for lifelong learning and personal enrichment. Basic to the student's growth is association with a master artist-teacher who presents information, introduces ideas, and intensifies his or her demands at times appropriate to the student's development.

A free exchange of ideas between student and faculty is encouraged by small, relaxed, yet structured classes. The ultimate goal is to develop individual expression, aesthetic judgment, and sensitivity to human relationships and the total environment. The relationship of the artist-teacher to the individual student permits both to explore and evaluate movements in art, study new techniques, and experience the creative environment of a professional studio.

Del Mar's graduates have succeeded in institutions throughout the country. Their success, based on sound instruction here, has paved the way for those who follow.


Students planning to continue at a senior college should consult an advisor concerning degree requirements of the college to which transfer is intended.


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