Careers and Employment Outlook

Careers and Employment Outlook

Biologists study living organisms, their relationships to each other, and to the environment. The field of Biology is broad, and a baccalaureate degree can lead to many different career paths. Some biologists conduct specialized laboratory or field research, some teach, and many with a bachelor's degree in biology enter medical, dental, veterinary, or other health profession schools.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of biological scientists is projected to grow 21% in the 2008 - 2018 decade. This is a much faster increase than the average for all occupations due in part by biotechnological research and development driving job growth. About 40 % of biological scientists were employed by Federal, State, and local governments. Most others worked in scientific research and testing laboratories, the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry, or educational institutions. Many biologically related careers require a graduate degree, although a bachelor's degree is sufficient for some jobs in applied research or product development. For more information, see the U.S Department of Labor's Statistics on Biological Scientists or

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