Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements of the College, applicants must submit the following to the Dental Assisting Program office before July 1 of the year admission is desired:

  • Dental Assisting data sheet 
  • official high school or GED transcripts 
  • official college transcripts, if applicable 
  • copies of all required immunization records
  • copy of confirmation page for PreCheck, Inc. background check and drug screening

Del Mar College is an open admissions college; however, acceptance into the Dental Assisting Program is by selection.  Positions in this program are limited to 24 students per year.  Program faculty are not able to interview and accept students into the program.  All applicants who meet basic admission requirements are eligible.  Admission decision will be made on the applicants ranking through a point-system and a selection committee.

Important - Please Read - Del Mar College Dental Programs' Bloodborne Pathogens Policy


    The selection process is based on a point-system. The criteria are as follows:

    • High school or GED graduate
      • 5 points
    • High school class rank or GED score
      • high school top 25% or GED above 61       
        • 3 points
      • high school top 50% or GED 50 – 61           
        • 2 points
    • Letter grades for any completed curriculum general education courses for the AAS degree:  ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, ITSC 1309, College-Level Mathematics Core Elective, Communications (SPCH) Core Elective, Social and Behavioral Sciences Core Elective, and Creative Arts OR Language, Philosophy and Culture Core Elective (Minimum grade acceptable for the Dental Assisting AAS degree is a “C.”)
      • A = 4 points
      • B = 3 points
      • C = 2 points
      • D/F = 0 points

    For additional points (not required for admission):

    Students are encouraged to take the following courses to gain extra points:

    • HPRS 1106 Essentials of Medical Terminology
      • A =     4 points
      • B =     3 points
      • C =     2 points
      • D/F =  0 points
    • HPRS 1204 Basic Health Profession Skills
      • A =     4 points
      • B =     3 points
      • C =     2 points
      • D/F = 0 points
    • BIOL 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I
      • A =     5 points
      • B =     4 points
      • C =     3 points
      • D/F =   0 points

    The above criteria are weighted to arrive at a score for each applicant.  The selection committee selects the 24 highest scoring as primary candidates and the others are alternates ranked also by their scores.  If a primary candidate withdraws his/her application, the vacancy is filled by an alternate with the highest score on the alternate list.  This process continues until the class of 24 is filled. 

    A selection committee, consisting of the program director, representatives of the program faculty, general education faculty, and counseling staff, will meet in July to select the next class. All applicants will be notified by email, of the selection committee's decisions, by July 15th.  Applicants not selected are advised to contact Del Mar College's Student Enrollment Center or Dental Assisting Program Director for advice concerning their academic goals.

    Note:  All fully accepted students must attend a mandatory Dental Assisting Program Orientation scheduled prior to the first day of class.  On the day of Orientation, the student must submit proof of required physical examination.


    All students majoring in the health care fields must provide documented proof that they have been fully immunized.  These requirements apply to students enrolled in the health care majors who have direct or will have direct patient contact.  Copies of documented proof of immunizations MUST be submitted with application.  Do not submit application if any immunization records are missing.

    Immunizations and other requirements:

    • Tetanus/Diphtheria: must have one dose within past ten years
    • Measles: those born since January 1, 1957, must have at least one dose since 12 months of age.  The two doses must be at least 30 days apart.
    • Mumps:  those born since January 1, 1957, must have at least one dose since 12 months of age.
    • Rubella:  at least one dose since 12 months of age is required.
    • Hepatitis B: a complete series is required before application to Dental Assisting Program (It takes 6 months to complete the series of 3 injections)
    • Tuberculosis test: must be current within a year
    • Criminal background check.

    For full admittance into the program, the student must pass a background check and drug screening through PreCheck, Inc., at student's expense.  Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon a “clear” background check AND a “clear” drug screening.  

    The background check and drug screening must be completed 2 weeks prior to submitting application.  In addition, the student must print out the confirmation page or email confirmation that the background report and drug screening were requested and return with application to the Dental Assisting Program office.  If student is unable to print out the confirmation page, student may include the confirmation number on application.  

    Access instructions for background check and drug screening here.

    If the student fails to receive a “clear” background check, the student must submit an “eligibility letter” from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) to the Director of Dental Programs as soon as possible.  The TSBDE may deny application for licensure based on a person’s conviction under state or federal law of a felony or misdemeanor that directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the profession for which the person seeks licensure.  If required, the TSBDE’s Application to Request Evaluation of Criminal History is also included. Please contact the TSBDE (512-463-6400) for additional information.  If the student receives an “ineligibility letter” from the TSBDE, final acceptance into the program will be denied. 

    Access the TSBDE's Application to Request Evaluation of Criminal History here.

    If the student fails to receive a “clear” drug screening through PreCheck, Inc., final acceptance into the program will be denied.


    Dental assisting students must be physically and mentally capable of performing the essential functions of a dental assistant in a manner that is safe for the student and their dental patients in the clinical environment.  Dental assisting students are required to meet the following mental and physical functions of the program with or without reasonable accommodations. 

    • Critical thinking
    • Effective oral and written communication skills
    • Effective interpersonal skills
    • Professional attitudes and behaviors
    • Ability to use reasonable judgment under stressful conditions
    • Ability to present a professional appearance, maintain personal health
    • Emotional stability
    • Fine motor skills sufficient to lift and operate equipment and provide safe patient care
    • Physical mobility, range of motion, manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination
    • Physical endurance for sitting, standing, and moving for long periods of time
    • Visual and perceptual abilities sufficient for patient assessment
    • Auditory ability and other sensory skills sufficient to monitor and assess oral health needs

    If a dental assisting student’s health changes during the program so that the essential functions cannot be met with or without reasonable accommodations, the student may be withdrawn from the Dental Assisting Program. The Dental Assisting Director reserves the right to require a medical clearance from a physician in order to assist with the evaluation of the student’s ability to perform the required essential functions.


    A student wishing to be readmitted to the program must make a formal application to the program and to the College, if not currently enrolled.  The application process for all applicants is listed in the Del Mar College Catalog. Re-admission is granted on an individual basis, based on the student’s previous records and the availability of space.  All requests for re-admission will be conditional with contract specification as recommended by the Selection Committee.  

    Returnees:  Those who leave the program either voluntarily or due to a grade below 75 in a dental assisting course may request ONE re-admission to the Dental Assisting Program.  A letter requesting re-admission must be submitted to the Selection Committee.  This letter should state the reason(s) the student left and plans to be successful.


    All applicants, to include dental assisting transfer students, are required to follow the program’s admission requirements.  The maximum number of students that can be supported by the limitations of the facility is 24.

    Dental assisting transfer students can only be considered IF:

    • Spot available and satisfactorily meets selection process
    • Attended previous CODA accredited dental assisting program no more than 1 year prior to the year admission is desired in the Dental Assisting Program
    • An official college letter from previous dental assisting program’s director is provided stating that the student left the program in “good standing” and would be considered for future readmission (director will be contacted to confirm letter)
    • An instrumentation skills evaluation is satisfactorily achieved (if applicable)

     **Program Director has final decision.

    Note:  In order to graduate from Del Mar College, the transfer student is required to complete a minimum of 25% coursework at Del Mar College.  The dental assisting certificate consists of a total of 39 semester credit hours.  25% of the 39 semester credit hours is 10.  The dental assisting associate degree consists of a total of 60 semester credit hours.  25% of the 60 semester credit hours is 15.


    If you are a recognized resident of the Del Mar College district, the following list reflects the approximate education cost associated with the Dental Assisting Program.


    Semester Hours














    Summer I





    Summer II





    Total (All semesters)





    The above approximated tuitions are estimated for a certificate in Dental Assisting.

    Residency requirements are contained in the college catalog. You may also contact the Del Mar College Business Office for information on relative residency requirements.  Call (361) 698-1263.

    *Tuition and fees subject to change.


    The following fees are ONLY approximate amounts.  Expenses will be announced throughout the year as needed.





    Exam: Dental Assisting National Board Exam (DANB) -- optional


    Dental Assistant Registration Course & Exam (RDA)


    Nitrous Oxide Monitoring Exam


    CPR Certification 


    Dental Student Essential OSHA and HIPAA Training         



    • Hepatitis B
    • MMR
    • Tuberculosis Test
    • Meningitis
    • Tetanus

    Check with your physician/local health department

     ADAA Student Membership (Liability Insurance)



    Dental Assisting Professional Pin


    Graduation Cap & Gown


    Community Dentistry Supplies


    Scrub top, bottoms, and lab coat**




    **Two uniforms are required throughout the year.  A fall and spring uniform will be assigned.  Students will be provided with uniform specifications by instructors.


    A student who is enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program and who is interested in applying to the Dental Hygiene Program, has an opportunity to earn ten (10) bonus points toward the Dental Hygiene application by successfully completing the Dental Assisting Program here at Del Mar College.  The Dental Programs believe this builds a strong dental foundation and a more valuable dental hygienist. Please note, this does not guarantee admission. The selection process is based on a point-system.  Access detailed Dental Hygiene Program information here.

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