Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting


Available at: West Campus

Young woman in medical scrubs assisting a patient

Program Overview

This one-year program is a national certification course in Medical Assisting.  Graduates will gain knowledge in both clinical and administrative areas for working in an ambulatory care setting.  Understanding aseptic technique when working with patients and physicians.  Students will learn medical terminology, the body systems including the integumentary, nervous, circulatory, musculoskeletal, reproductive, urinary, endocrine, immune, special senses, and the common diseases that affect these systems.  Students will also be able to perform procedures such as venipuncture, ECG, throat culture, urinalysis, injections, and perform vital signs.


Pre-requisites courses:

  • MDCA 1305 - Medical Law and Ethics                                 
  • MDCA 1313 - Medical Terminology                                     
  • MDCA 1421 - Administrative Procedures                         
  • HITT  1301 - Health Data Content and Structure          
  • MDCA 1343 - Medical Insurance                                          
  • MDCA 1352 - Medical Assistant Laboratory Procedures                                             
  • HITT 1349 - Pharmacology                                                  
  • MDCA 1417 - Procedures in a Clinical Setting                  
  • MDCA 2361 - Clinical – Medical/Clinical Assistant         
  • MDCA 1154 - MA Credentialing Exam Review


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