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Welcome to CSEAT

CSEAT offers students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for furthering both their educational and career goals within the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, and Advanced Technology.

Department News!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering two new programs: "Advanced Technology and Robotics/Mechatronics" & "Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems Technology". For more information about these two programs, contact our department's office at 361-698-1299.

Welcome Our Newest Alumni!

Having completed either an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Associate of Science (AS) degree, and/or one of the other awards within our various disciplines, our students have proven they are knowledgeable within the fields of Computer Science and Engineering. Whether they choose to further their education by transferring to one of the many universities within South Texas, or beyond, or to pursue their careers immediately by entering directly into the workforce, we wish them luck!

Fall 2019 Network Administration graduates

Congratulations Fall 2019 Graduates

  • Tushar Bhakta, Networking Technology Cisco (CERT)
  • Kevin Bond, Electrical Engineering
  • Jesse Caballero, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jay Cano, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lillian Castillo, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Jeremy Dorothy, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Joshua Ellis, Computer Programming
  • Justin Fierova, Geographic Information Systems
  • Joshua Garcia, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Sherkell Gassie, Networking Technology Cisco (CERT)
  • Sarah Guerra, Geographic Information Systems
  • Ronald Guerrero, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Joshua Guettler, Network Administration & Information Security
  • William Hargraves, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Hansen Hoang, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Brenda Livingston, CIS: Computer Programming Specialization
  • Dylan Mayne, Engineering Technology
  • Michael Mendez, Computer Information Systems
  • Carlos Pagan, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Charles Paradise, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Edwin Payne, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Eulalio Pena Reyna, Engineering Technology
  • Isaac Perez, Computer Programming
  • Carlos Santiago, Mechanical Engineering
  • Edith Smith, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Gabriel Solis Jr., Network Administration & Information Security
  • Edgar Soliz, Network Administration & Information Security
  • Devon Tiemann, Mechanical Engineering

If you are a student planning to become a part of the Spring 2020 class of graduates, make sure to speak with your advisor as soon as possible and get your graduation application turned into the registrar's office by February 19, 2020.

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