Facilitator's Corner

Facilitator's Corner


Guidelines for Online Instruction

You play an important role! ISD Dual Credit Facilitators:

  • Request Canvas access from the DMC instructor of record. (note: DMC instructors reserve the right to deny access to their course.)
  • Complete or attend the DMC Facilitator training hosted by the ECP office.
  • Offer dual credit students support when enrolled in an online course:
    • Verify and cross reference the high school roster and DMC roster daily for the first 12 days of the DMC semester to ensure that students are enrolled correctly.
    • Will report any discrepancies on both the high school and DMC roster to the high school counselor within the first 12 days of the DMC semester.
    • Will verify at the beginning of the semester that all students are able to access their DMC courses on CANVAS and are working on class assignments.
    • Assist students with contacting the DMC IT Helpdesk for technology issues.
    • Ensure students have all required materials for the course (textbooks, access code etc.)
    • Proctor exams and ensure that lockdown browsers are set in place for exams.
    • Ensure no interruptions take place in the college dual credit class while in session and provide students with a testing environment free from distractions.
    • For proctored exams, verify the identity of student taking the exam with a valid school or State issued ID.
    • Have students sign in prior to an exam and submit the sign in sheet to DMC at proctors@delmar.edu within 24-48 hours after the exam.
    • Ensure that students are working on their DMC course work during time provided by the ISD.
    • Inform the DMC instructor of record within the first two weeks of the semester if there is a potential scheduling problem between the ISD and DMC. (i.e. SAT, ACT, EOC, PSAT exams, intersession breaks and holidays)
    • Work with the DMC Early College Programs/Dual Credit Office when students are having issues contacting their DMC instructors.
    • Visit the Canvas Facilitator Resource page for troubleshooting and questions.
    • The facilitator role does NOT include the following items:
      1. Teaching the online DMC course.
      2. Setting up parent conferences to discuss academic course issues and assignments.
      3. Negotiate assignment deadlines, instructional changes or grade changes on behalf of a student.

To gain access to Del Mar College's Canvas, email your name, ISD, and school email address to vikinghelpdesk@delmar.edu.

Things to do before classes start fall 2021-August 30th

  1. Have students complete the Dual Credit Orientation.
  2. Have students log on to WebDMC using their Del Mar student account.
    1. Under academic profile click “my class schedule."
    2. Have students review and confirm they are correct.
  3. Have students review their “Program Evaluation”
    1. Under academic profile, click on “Program Evaluation”
    2. This is where students can view what classes they need to complete in their degree plan as well as view their GPA

All about WebDMC

How to Access Canvas

Term Reports

Remind the High School Counselors to share the TERM REPORTS with you! These reports will allow you to see what classes each student is registered for.

Transfer Courses

To check transferability from Del Mar College to another College visit www.tccns.com and click on “compare schools” link.

Test Proctoring Procedures

  • All students who will be taking any online exam will be required to use a webcam with microphone and required software-including exam security software unless equipment and software is not available.​
  • If software and equipment is not available the ISD will provide proctors for all DMC online exams throughout the fall & spring semesters and adhere to the procedures regarding the proctoring of exams.​
  • All test proctors must be employees of ISD & cannot be students, mentors, or other non-employee volunteers.​
  • All testing proctors/facilitators must validate the identity of each student prior to the start of each exam. Each student is required to show a valid ID such as a current school ID, state-issued ID, or passport. If a student does not have an ID, the test will not be administered.​
  • All ISD students are required to sign in with the test proctor/facilitator before the start of the exam. ISD proctors/facilitators will provide a separate sign-in sheet for each exam/class/instructor. The sign-in sheet will include the time and date of the exam.
  • ISD facilitators will submit scanned copies of all exam sign-in sheets to the DMC instructor of record and eLearning (dcproctor@delmar.edu) by email no later than 48 hours after the exam.
  • Each proctor will assist in keeping theacademic integrity of the course and exams. This means maintaining an environment that fosters the prevention of plagiarism, collusion, or cheating.
  • Proctors will make allowances foradditional testing materials and accessibility accommodations.

Student Success Center

Stone Writing Center

Math Learning Center

Page last updated June 25, 2021.

Facilitator training 2021

We have made it to another semester! Before we get started, we want to host a training session for you to make sure you have all the tools needed to help us facilitate coures this year.

There will be two sessions: August 4th and August 5th from 9AM-12PM at the West Campus | ET-105.

Click here to RSVP.

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