Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Normally, how many students are accepted to the program?
A: Generally 85-90 applicants total are selected for Level I entry every fall and spring semester (which includes LVN track, RN track, and RN to BSN track applicants); approximately 10 – 20 LVN to RN (Bridge track) students are selected every Fall semester only.

Q: What is the typical schedule when accepted into the nursing program?  
A: Typically the student can plan to be engaged in course activities Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm (similar to a full-time job); some Friday’s may be required depending on course content and this varies from level to level. Students are provided a course calendar at the start of every semester.

Q:  What is the cost of attending the nursing program?
A: Del Mar College tuition costs can be located in the college catalog. Additional estimated* expenses a student will have once accepted into the program include uniform ($150), skills bag ($180 + tax), drug testing ($85) and Student Comprehensive Competency Electronic Resource fees (included in tuition = roughly $663/semester). Students purchase all the textbooks required for use during the entire program upon entering the nursing program in level 1  (cost is approximately $1,300 + tax). *These costs are subject to change.

Q: Is there any testing required as part of admission into the nursing program?
A: Yes. Students are required to take the ATI TEAS.

Q: I have taken courses from another college and/or university. Will these courses transfer over?
A: It is imperative that you schedule an advising appointment (361-698-2860) so that your transcripts can be reviewed. When coming to see an advisor it is helpful for you to bring a copy of all of your unofficial transcripts (if possible). Please note, you need to complete the Transfer Evaluation Request Form (TERF) if you are submitting official transcripts from other schools; turn this form into the DMC registrar. This form is located at the registrar’s office.

Q. Can students work while going to nursing school?
A: Yes, however the nursing program is very time-demanding, so we advise students who must work to try and work the minimum amount of hours possible.

Q: How are clinical rotations scheduled?
A: Students rotate through clinical during every level of the nursing program. Typically this is an 8-hour day in level 1 (one day a week) and a 12-hour day (one day a week) in levels 2-4. However, this is always subject to change. 

Q: Are the nursing courses offered online? 
A: At this time the nursing courses are not offered online.

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